The Ultimate USB Rescue Flash Drive

Partition that thing!

Use gparted to separate the USB into two partitions!

One partition (e.g. sdb1) is formatted fat32
The other partition (e.g. sdb2) ~2GB is formatted Linux (e.g. ext 2)

Check it out! Windows only recognizes the first partition on a removable flash drive. The Linux partition doesn’t show up in windows–You don’t want it too!
The Linux partition is where you install ‘parted magic‘ (using unetbootin) which has antivirus, partition editor, disk health and more!

The fat 32 partition is where you will put ‘portable apps‘ which allows you to install a wide variety of useful windows tools.

Boot up from the USB and you have tools to alter your harddrive.
Insert the USB after bootup and you have tools to work within windows.


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